When will winter end?

My sister craves her warmth

Revamped an old comic panel I made. part II is coming soon

Silent Disco XII, April 19th!

(source images: x, x)

Speedpaint based off of this portrait by joshwool.

Wow I haven’t used my tablet or drawn humans in about a year; I’m super rusty.

A potential mural.

“The Ordinary Day” reflects college life through both the self and the surrounding campus community. We explore what it means to be a college student on a daily basis and outside of academia, a heavy emphasis is placed on self discovery and becoming an independent individual.

Greatly influenced by two iconic artists: Hope Gangloff and Gustav Klimt.

Commission for “irlgoat” on gaia. OC’s are Prasham and Freja

made a mirror of an old quickie

Carrot cupcakes I made this summer

Let me know if you’re interested in the recipe, it’s delicious!

Tale of the Teapot Mermaid

The Source